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India is a land where traditional rejuvenation and healing therapies have been for centuries. Ayurveda the Science of Life is an ancient method of rejuvenation and is used by trained practitioners to keep the body healthy and youthful. Yoga, an art of meditation has been practiced by sages and gurus to calm the mind and keep the body in a positive state of health.

Luxury Spas and Ayurvda resorts in India combine the ancient healing methods of India, with spa therapies from around the world, and modern techniques of wellness and beauty. Revitalize and recharge your senses through the ancient science of healing "Ayurveda" while in India.

Unwind is some the finest spas of the country. Be it the refreshing locales of coastal India or in the foothills of Himalayas, experience the closeness of pristine nature. Experience par luxury, as you rejuvenate your energy by getting cleansed through extensive natural therapies.

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